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Taxes Season!

What you should know as business owner about Taxes 2018!



Whatever your tax problem is...we can help! From Tax controversy to tax planning, HME Consulting offers sound tax advice and services at a reasonable cost! Our clients consistently attest to our hands on, quality service, geared to meet your business needs!

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Wealth Management

Whether tax planning, or wealth management services our agents will sit down to help you make the best decision for you, your family & your business.  Feel free to ask about wealth Management dept.

 Preparing today ....protecting tomorrow!

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Our Clients

Our clients are located all across the country. They serve in a myriad of industries such as; Finance, Auto, Day Care, Schools, Construction, Restaurants, Retail, Music, Religious Institutes, Non For Profits and startups! No matter what the industry, our team is here to help.
Here's what a few Business owner's had to say:

"I owed over 1,000,000 to the IRS. I thought I was going to lose everything! HME helped to get my balance down to about 1% of the original balance! To me that's taking care of Business" -J.J

"I was having tax trouble & had been to other Tax companies before, only for them to charge me a huge amount upfront and end up doing nothing for me. HME took on the IRS on my behalf and worked with me on an affordable payment plan, to get the job done." -Satisfied client-

"My wife and I were in tax trouble. We had heard about HME from a friend. They took our $33,000 balance and brought it to 0%! Needless to say, we were very grateful!"

"I was so overwhelmed when I started my small Business. I found HME and they helped me to get everything in order. Now they continue take care of what they do best & I can do, what I do best... which is run my business." -A.M

"Our organization had been in business for many years but didn't realized how much help we needed until the IRS showed up. Thank goodness for HME. They stepped in and helped to clear everything up in a stressful time." - satisfied client-

"Our Company was growing and ready to expand, HME Consulting helped with everything from the Audit, Commercial Financing to our Business Plan. We were able to take our business to the next level & couldn't have done it without them."
-D. F.

"HME was there with our company from the beginning. From Business structure to Business deals, they have been there every step of the way to answer any question and handle any problem. They have taken such good care of us, they are like our family!"

-Mr. Robinson


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